Red home door (Irland).

If you’re in the process of fixing up your Bend Oregon home to sell it before the end of 2013 you’ve probably heard many people tell you to replace your old front door because, the entry door to your home is one of the most important parts of your house since it immediately “sets the stage” for what a potential homebuyer can expect when they enter your house.

Before buying another front door you should ask yourself if you should buy a steel front door, wood front door or fiberglass front door because, each front door has its own unique qualities but, just because a front door looks “unique”, that doesn’t mean that you’ve found the right front door for your Bend Oregon home.

Steel Front Doors

These front doors are great because, they are highly durable, long lasting and great for keeping out the cold temperature during the winter, and warmth during the summer, but steel front doors can easily get dented, scratched and the paint can chip so these are all important factors to consider especially if you have children, and are looking for a front door that will be durable, but also look great all year long.

Wood Front Doors

Everyone loves wood front doors because, they have a classic appeal that can add distinction to any home but, these front doors can also easily absorb moisture, peel, bubble out, bow, warp and twist so these are all important things to consider especially if you live close to a body of water like the Deschutes River, or close to Mt. Bachelor where the humidity and moisture levels can be higher than other areas of Bend.

Fiberglass Front Doors

Something new to consider when it comes to front doors is fiberglass front doors because, these doors offer the lowest maintenance costs, are dent resistant, wont scratch and best of all they are energy efficient.

Best of all, with fiberglass front doors you can choose one that has a natural looking wood grain so anyone who enters your Bend Oregon Home won’t know that you have a fiberglass front door versus a traditional wooden front door.

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