Unlike an item purchased at a retail store, a home can’t be returned for a refund if you discover problems later on. This makes it essential that you find out the true condition of the home BEFORE you buy it. It’s important to understand that no home is perfect and that most, including new construction, are likely to have some defects related to construction errors, normal aging, termites, etc. Defects can range from very minor to very serious and are quite often hidden from view in the attic or crawlspace. A professional home inspection will identify these defects, allow you to estimate repair costs and give you and your Realtor® the information you need to negotiate with the Seller. If you are relocating to Bend, Oregon, you need to know how to choose a home inspector.


As with any profession, knowledge and experience vary widely between home inspectors. You’ll be relying on your home inspection to help you make a major financial decision, so you want to hire the best inspector possible, (hiring the cheapest can be a costly mistake). How do you choose a qualified home inspector? Here are a few tips:

• In Oregon, home inspectors must be state licensed. Before hiring an inspector, call him/her on the phone and ask for their OCHI license number. Then verify it on-line at: www.oregon.gov/CCB
• Hire an experienced inspector. Ask how long the inspector has been personally inspecting homes and choose one with at least two-year’s experience as a full-time inspector.
• If the home is over 5 years old, it’s wise to have it inspected for wood destroying organisms (termites, carpenter ants, etc.). Choose an inspector that is licensed in Structural Pest Control by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Ask for their ODA license number and verify it on-line at: http://oda.state.or.us/dbs/licenses/search.lasso?&division=pest
• Ask if the inspector is a member of one of the two national professional home inspection associations, NAHI or ASHI. Verify their membership on-line at: www.nahi.org or www.ashi.org
• Professional inspectors carry both liability and E&O (Errors & Omissions) insurance. Ask if the inspector carries these insurances.

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Here’s a local home inspector that I often refer my clients to.


WIN Inspections

WIN Inspections

Wade Palmer
60345 Cinder Butte   |  Bend, OR 97702
(541) 318-8199
wpalmer@wini.com   |   www.wini.com