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In 2014 many Bend Oregon homeowners will be planning on selling their homes and some of those homeowners will have dogs.

If a dog is currently living in the home that’s for sale it’s always best for the homeowner to leave the dog in doggy day care during the day when it’s time for open houses or if someone is planning on coming to view the home.

Why Remove Dogs when Selling A Home?

Removing dogs from the premises is a good idea because, most people don’t always like to see dogs roaming a property when a home is for sale because, they will wonder what might be wrong with the home and that might cause them to submit a lower offer or not bid on the home all together.

What about Neighbor Dogs?

Let’s say that a home for sale has neighbors who also own dogs as well.

Although the homeowner might be fine with the neighbor dogs those dogs might kill the sale because, once again not everyone likes dogs and they might drive some home buyers away.

Think Creatively

The solution to the problem of dealing with neighbor dogs is to either ask the neighbor to keep their dogs inside during the time of the open house or when buyers are expected to come and see the home because, having a dog free environment that’s free of barking will help the home buyer to stay focused on the home that they want to purchase.

If you’re really motivated to sell your home you should also consider sending your neighbors dogs to doggy day care for the day as well because, insuring that your neighbors dogs are conveniently away for your open house or showing can make it a lot easier for you when it comes time for your Realtor to show your home.

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