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Learn more about what not to store in your garage during the hot summer months.

Simple tips for keeping your garage safe during the summer

By Jason Boone

Here in Bend many homes these days are built with attached garages and a home with a detached garage is very rare.
Although having an attached garage can be very convenient during the winter it can be a danger if you don’t know what you shouldn’t store in your garage during the summer months.

Propane Tanks

You may love your grill and haven’t thought twice about storing it in your garage with the propane tank since you purchased it but the truth is propane tanks should always be stored outside because they can explode.

When storing propane tanks make sure you store them in a cool, ventilated area outside that’s away from any children’s play areas or traffic.

Propane tanks should always be stored in an upright position and they should be kept in a location that’s away from drainage from your rain gutters or snowfall that we might have in the winter.

Gasoline Cans

It’s always a smart choice to store gasoline cans outside, preferably in a garden shed that can be locked when your lawnmower or gas powered tools are not in use.

When storing gasoline cans make sure that your gas can has a twistable lock on it so small children won’t be able to open them if the gas can is left out.


When storing paint it’s always best to store it in a cool, dry place and since most garages get hot during the summer it’s better to have a storage shed or some other means of storage on your property for your paint.

If you haven’t used house paint that you’re storing in at least 6 months it’s best to recycle it because, old house paint can easily get hard and you will only have to purchase new paint anyway.

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