bend oregon real estate market

The face of the Bend Oregon Real Estate market is changing; in 2013-2014 more home buyers than ever before are changing what they are looking for in a home and if you’re planning on selling your home this year you can sell your home quickly especially if it matches this new home buying criteria.

Quality of Neighborhood

Thanks to the recent National Association of Realtor’s profile of buyers and sellers we know that the top thing that concerns most home buyers in Bend and across the country these days is the quality of the neighborhood that they move to.

In today’s world the average home buyer on the Bend Oregon Real Estate market expects to stay in a home for at least 15 years so it’s important for them to find a quality neighborhood that will be the right place for them and their family to evolve over time.

Convenience to Work 

Another great thing about buying a home on the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market is that you’re close to everything here including the best jobs.

It’s understandable that a home buyer wants to be closer to their job because, in 2014 parents want to spend more time with their children and less time commuting to work than they did in the past.

In Bend you’re just minutes away from our best companies like Bend Broadband and a short drive from some of Central Oregon’s best employers like Sunriver Resort.

Close To Schools

Besides quality of quality of neighborhood and proximity to their jobs, another important thing that people want when searching for homes on the Bend Oregon Real Estate market is to make sure that the home they purchase is close to good schools.

In Bend there are many great schools to choose from in the Bend-La Pine School district including: Cascade Middle School and Bend Senior High School so that parents who send their children to school in Bend can have confidence that their children are getting a great education while being close to home at the same time.

To learn more about the benefits of buying a home during the 2014 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market, or to view homes for sale in the area, contact me today by calling: (541) 383-1426.