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Pest removal from Bend Oregon Homes is easy with these tips

By Jason Boone

Are you planning on selling your Bend Oregon Home but have found that your home has an “uninvited guest” who regularly visits?

Before calling an exterminator to remove the pest from your home you can easily remove pests yourself by following these simple tips:

Use Moth Balls

During winters in Bend it’s common for critters to invade homes because they are in search of warmth.

You can remove critters from the inside of your home by using moth balls.

Depending on where the critter has taken up residence in your home you may need to purchase 10 or more packages of moth balls so you can disperse them liberally.

Since most animals don’t like moth balls they will be repelled by the smell and vacate your home within a couple of days.

Remove Moth Ball Smell

There’s no denying that moth balls smell terrible and if you’re planning on showing your home it’s difficult to show a stinky home.

To remove the moth ball smell place activated charcoal in the space where the mothballs were for at least 24 hours before you show your home or you can dip washcloths in white vinegar and place the rags in that space because white vinegar is also effective for absorbing smells too.

More Natural Critter Removal Remedies

When cleaning your home and getting it ready to sell make sure you spray your windows and countertops with lemon juice because, flies and spiders are repelled by the smell of citrus and you can remove more pests by doing the following:

  • Ants – Repel with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water.
  • Wasps – Easily keep wasps off your property by purchasing a fake wasp nest.
  • Fleas – Kill fleas by salting the affected areas every day and vacuuming every 3rd day because a flea’s reproduction cycle will last for 9 days.

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