Search for homes online

When searching for homes for sale in Bend, your search is most likely going to start online, and there are a lot of things that you can do to make your home search easier using your Internet browser, especially if you use Google Chrome or Firefox.

Clean Up Your Bookmark Bar

When you come across homes for sale in Bend that you want to bookmark, and come back to later, you can easily track these properties by adding them to your bookmark bar but instead of naming these bookmarks, you can leave the name field empty for the bookmark, once you do this your bookmark bar will leave just the favicon for the page that you want to bookmark and make it easier for you to track the properties that you’re interested in.

Adding Folders

Another way to keep track of Bend Oregon homes for sale in by adding folders to your bookmark bar, to do this just right click on the bookmark bar for your browser and choose the option to add folder, or new folder, then once you add the folder you can name it so you can track homes for sale in Bend or break down your search by specific areas like: Broken Top, Awbrey Glen, Cedar Creek etc.

Use Add-Ons or Extensions

The cool thing about Internet Browsers is that there are a variety of extensions or add-ons that will make your home search a lot easier. For example, with Firefox you have the ability to use their add on called Smartest Bookmarks Bar which will enable you to see the name for each bookmark as you hover over the bookmark.

For more information on the best add-ons for your internet browser just use your favorite search engine and type in the name of your browser followed by the words “add-on”.

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