After the recent Real Estate market crash, and the decline in the Bend Oregon real estate market, home buyers questioned the logic of buying a home versus renting a home but, in the 2013 real estate market, home buyers are asking the question more than ever before: is it better to rent or buy a Bend Oregon home?

Why It’s Better To Buy

Appreciation in home value, this the first reason why it’s better to buy a Bend Oregon home then rent because, with home values going up so quickly, any home buyer in Bend Oregon Real Estate market can see an appreciation of their home’s value very quickly compared to the annual gains that they would enjoy with their current stock market portfolio.

Tax Benefits

Besides appreciation in Bend Oregon home values, tax benefits are another reason why singles and married couples should consider purchasing Bend Oregon real estate in 2013.

Married couples can enjoy the benefit of up to $500,000, tax-free, when selling their Bend Oregon homes and single people can enjoy a $250,000 gain.

Freedom Of Home Ownership

For those people who are still weighing the question: is buying a Bend Oregon home VS. renting a Bend Oregon home better?

One of the biggest reasons to consider buying a home in the Bend Oregon Real Estate Market is freedom; homeowners have the ability to make their own decisions concerning their home including: decorating, remodeling, landscaping and so much more compared to renters who have to abide by the rules of their property management company first before making any changes to their home at all.

Yes renting does come with the advantage of being able to move whenever you want, if you haven’t signed a lease, but the overall financial advantages of home ownership and the long-term freedom that comes with it, make owning a home a home in Bend a smart choice, especially in the 2013 real estate market.

Before buying a home in Bend, a potential homeowner must make sure that they have good credit, at least a 20% down payment and are prepared to be committed to home ownership.

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