In a year that the real estate market in Bend, Oregon, set records for median sales price, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood had the highest sales price of its existence, too.

The median sales price of NorthWest Crossing homes in 2017 was $628,604. Never before had the median sales price of NWX homes reached $600,000. Year over year, the increase was 5.2 percent.

As popular as NorthWest Crossing is – shown also by an average days-on-the-market figure that is less than that for the Bend market as a whole – the year-over-year rise in median sales price is slowing. The 5.2 percent increase in 2017 follows a 7 percent increase in 2016 and a 6.8 percent rise the year before that.

The year ended with relatively robust activity in NorthWest Crossing. Ten homes were sold in December, the most in any December for this master-planned community. At least 10 homes were sold in each of seven of the final eight months of 2017, an unprecedented stretch of that quantity of activity.

For the first time, a NorthWest Crossing home reached the $1 million threshold, with the high being a $1.25 million home sold in August.

A total of 111 homes in NorthWest Crossing were sold in 2017. That is an increase from 102 in 2016 and almost unchanged from the 112 sold in 2015.

Bungalows at NorthWest Crossing

Phase III of the Bungalows at NorthWest Crossing, located near and around Lewis & Clark Park on the northern side of NorthWest Crossing, is almost sold out. Two units (of six) remain available in Phase III.

Phase IV will be released to homebuyers this spring. The project is being constructed by Greg Welch Construction.

Phase III of the Bungalows at NorthWest Crossing comprises 2- and 3-bedroom units. Many of the bungalows have floor plans of 1,100 to 2,000 square feet, and attractions include a private courtyard and the master suite on the main level of the unit.

Phase IV of the Bungalows comprises 2-bedroom units and four different floor plans ranging from 1,100 square feet to 1,285 square feet. All but one unit have a master suite on the main level.

As with all homes in NorthWest Crossing, the Bungalows offer a high walkability score, access to transit and main roads and the irreplaceable sense of being “home” that comes from living in a master-planned community.

Phase 27 and elsewhere

Phase 27 is the final large development phase in NorthWest Crossing, featuring 37 homesites in the rectangle formed by NW High Lakes Loop and NW Ordway Avenue on the north and south and by NW Mount Washington Drive and NW Clearwater Drive on the east and west.

The 37 homesites were all sold in the final NWX Builders Guild Lottery in early October. That left very few undeveloped lots within the development as a whole. The 22 builders who secured homesites will produce custom and spec homes.

Near Phase 27 will be Farmstead 12. This area will encompass 12 small-scale, 1- and 2-story farmhouses that will be around a landscaped greenspace. Construction is expected to begin early this year.

Farther south, 14 townhomes are planned to be built this year along Ordway.

All of these units will have out-the-door access to Discovery Park, which features a manmade pond, an off-leash dog area, flat grass fields and a picnic and gathering area.

As a resident of NorthWest Crossing for almost 15 years, I have extensive knowledge of the neighborhood – and yes, it is as nice as you’ve heard. My experience with this part of the Bend market will ensure you get a happy result to your real estate deal – whether you’re buying or selling. If you have questions about NorthWest Crossing, or the Bend, Oregon, real estate market in general, contact me at (541) 383-1426, or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.