real estate investing

The 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate market is still on the move and home prices are continuing to go up almost every day, and the good thing is that there are still plenty of great deals to be found that long time Real Estate investors have been coming back to the market and buying up properties that they plan on rehabilitating, reselling or renting to make extra cash flow.

One common question that home buyers have these days is should they still buy a home with cash, if they have the money to spend, the answer to this question is no, and we will break down the reasons why investors shouldn’t use their own cash right now to buy homes in the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate market.

Return on Investment

Thanks to historically low mortgage interest rates any Real Estate investor can and will make a nice profit every month between their mortgage payment and the rent that they are able to get for a home.

It’s a smart idea for a Bend Oregon Real Estate Investor to use Other People’s Money (OPM) especially if they don’t want to put their own capital into a potentially risky investment home that might require more money than they have to fix up the home, and sell, or rent out.

The Value of Money over Time

Long time Real Estate investors in Bend know the concept of time value of money; this basically means that a dollar is going to be worth less one year or more into the future than it is right now and a Real Estate investor who uses their own money to invest in a home will actually get less for their money, over time, compared to the investor who gets a mortgage loan because, that investor will benefit from the changes in mortgage interest rates and they will be able to have more buying power in the future thanks to the mortgage loans that they get for their investment properties.

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