bend oregon real estate

The 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate market has been competitive and home buyers in this area have found themselves engaged in bidding wars for homes in Bend and across Central Oregon, especially on homes that once were on the Real Estate market for months at a time but now have been “snapped up” be eager home buyers who don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to buy a home this year.

Home Buyers Feeling The Pressure Across The Country

Home buyers in Bend who have been feeling the stress of bidding wars are no different than home buyers across the country.

In Sacramento for example, nine out of 10 homes were sold recently sold after bidding wars ensued and the same thing has occurred in other major cities across the United States like Boston, New York, Washington DC and Seattle.

How High Can It Go?

Homeowners who are planning on selling their homes during the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate Market have looked on with anticipation and wondered how high the bidding will go among home buyers who are eager to purchase their homes.

In a recent interview with Real Estate giant Redfin, the broker confirmed that back in March 2013 75% of their Real Estate agents received multiple offers on the homes that they listed for their clients and that’s up from almost 60% in 2011.

Home buyers in Bend should take the time to do their “due diligence” and research a home fully before submitting an offer on it because, high pressure bidding situations can sometimes lead a home buyer to bidding and buying a home that they didn’t really want.

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