The heavy lifting is about to begin on Lot 506 of NorthWest Crossing, a 15-lot subdivision south of NW Shevlin Park Drive and west of NorthWest Crossing Drive, abutting the Shevlin Health & Wellness Center.

The 2.93-acre development will consist of lots designed for single-family residences. The area was originally going to accommodate more than 30 housing units within what is called a Residential Cluster Development. But the West Bend Property Company received an approval to amend the plan, citing the cross-slope topography of the area as a complication in developing cottages.

Lot 506 includes a significant number of trees and native underbrush. In documents filed with the city of Bend, the developer said the trees and underbrush would be retained where feasible during the site grading.

“The only trees that are planned to be removed at this time are those located within the area of the planned right of way. All other trees will be retained at this time,” the developer stated to the city.

“As with prior phases of NorthWest Crossing, great care is taken to preserve as many of these existing trees as practical, both in the construction of the infrastructure and the construction of the eventual home on the lots, through strict architectural guidelines.”

At the request of the city, West Bend Property Company provided a trip generation letter, assessing the 30-lot subdivision that was planned for site before the number of lots were halved.

“Because the existing infrastructure was found to be adequate for the previously proposed 30-lot subdivision, a reduction to 15 lots will also be consistent with the impacts previously analyzed and is determined to have adequate capacity to serve the proposed use,” the developer’s documents said.

The NorthWest Crossing neighborhood has a mix of property types, from single- and multi-family housing to commercial retail and dining. High Lakes Elementary, nestled in the neighborhood, is regarded as among the top-performing elementary schools in the area.

The lots in Lot 506 are expected to be sold to members of the NorthWest Crossing Builders Guild in the spring. The guild consists of 25 area builders who have been approved by West Bend Property Company based on their performance and experience in building homes.

With that timeline, it’s reasonable to expect to see finished homes by fall 2017.

I have lived in Northwest Crossing for more than 13 years, so I have a wealth of experience in this community. If you’re interested in learning more about Lot 506, or another part of NorthWest Crossing, I can provide you with the information you need. Or, if you’re interested in looking at homes in other areas of the city, or to get started listing your Bend home, contact me at (541) 383-1426, or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.