how to sell your home fast

6 Steps for Selling Your Bend Home Fast

By Jason Boone


During my years as a Realtor in Bend I’ve encountered many home buyers who always want to sell their home quickly.


Besides selling their homes quickly almost every buyer wants to sell their homes above their asking price and although the current Real Estate market in Bend might not be exactly where it was at earlier this year those dreams are not impossible if you follow this simple strategy.


Step 1 – Improve Curb Appeal


Your number one goal as a homeowner is to get people out of their vehicles to come inside your home and the best way to do that is to focus on improving your homes curb appeal.


Improving curb appeal is easy if you start right at your curb and work all the way up to your front door:


Curb – Replace your old mail box with a new box.


Yard – Clean up and manicure your lawn plus plant seasonal flowers so your lawn and garden will look fresh and inviting.


Driveway – Power wash your driveway to remove years of oil stains, dirt and debris.


House – Sand and repaint your front door a bright color which will make the door very noticeable from the street. You should also purchase pre-planted flower pots from a local store like Home Depot to add color to the entryway of your home.


Step 2 – De-Clutter and Minimize


During the time that you’ve lived in your home you may have accumulated years of memories but in order for me to help you sell your home quickly you must begin the process of de-cluttering and minimizing what you keep in your home while it’s for sale.


De-cluttering and minimizing will help potential buyers to see the space which your home really offers them and they won’t be overwhelmed by all your memories which you’ve accumulated during your years of living there.


Step 3 – Have Your Home Professionally Cleaned


Before listing your home it’s important to have it professionally cleaned from top to bottom because, a professional cleaning service will take a more thorough approach to cleaning than you or I could and this will help your home to look so much better when it comes time to sell it.


Step 4 – Stage Your Home


Once your home is de-cluttered and cleaned the next step is to stage your home to sell.


Staging a home involves keeping the minimal amount of furniture in each room so a potential buyer can see the space which your home really offers them and envision themselves living there.


Your goal when staging a home should be to remove big or “clunky” furniture from each room because, big furniture like your favorite couch takes up a lot of space and it makes my job harder as a Realtor to get a potential buyer thinking about the space that your home could offer them.


Step 5 – Time for Comparable Analysis


Before listing your home I will create a report of comparable homes which have sold recently in your neighborhood.


These will also be homes which may have had similar square footage, bedrooms and bathrooms.


This report is the important final step towards selling your home quickly because it will enable us to agree on a competitive price point and list your home at a price which will be attractive to home buyers during the current Real Estate Market.


Step 6 – Contact Me


To get the process started with selling your Bend Oregon home quickly contact me, Jason Boone, Principal Broker with Principal Broker at Duke Warner Realty | Skjersaa Group by calling me anytime at (541) 383-1426 or by emailing me.