Bend – Thanks to the rain that we received last weekend Bend Homeowners were reminded that summer is quickly coming to an end and fall is right around the corner.

With a changing of the seasons we can also expect a change in weather here in Central Oregon but the good news is that it’s easy to get your home ready for fall and winter if you follow these simple steps.

Check Those Gutters

Grab your latter and safely climb it to visually inspect your gutters. If you see that your gutters have become clogged with dirt or debris you should safely remove that debris and pour a bucket of water into your gutters to insure that they drain like they should.

Inspect Windows

After you’ve checked your gutters, take a walk around your house and examine the caulking around the outside of your windows to make sure that the caulking around each window is still in good shape. If caulking needs to be reapplied you can purchase caulking at any home improvement store in Bend and moderately reapply to insure that each window is properly sealed and water or air won’t be able to get inside your home.

Check Your Doors

After inspecting your gutters and windows you should check each exterior door to your home to make sure that the doors on your home are properly sealed as well. A good way to know if your homes doors are not properly sealed is to inspect them during mid-day because, if you can see sunlight shining through crack in the door jam this means that you should take the time to work on the seal for that door.

Review Your Roof

For most roofs you will be able to visually inspect a roof from the ground but for flatter roofs you should safely climb your ladder to inspect your roof and its shingles. If you see shingles that are damaged or you find missing shingles, you should replace those shingles immediately or contact a qualified roofer to repair and replace because, damaged or missing shingles can cause water damage to your roof and inside your home.

Protect your investment in your home with these simple tips. To review the latest Bend Oregon homes for sale contact me today by calling (541) 383-1426.