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5 Simple Tips For Buying A Bend Oregon Home

Follow these five simple tips to make buying a home easy

By Jason Boone

Buying a Bend Oregon home may not be as hyper-competitive as other Real Estate markets like Portland, Eugene or Los Angeles but it’s still possible for any home buyer to get caught up in a bidding war for a home they couldn’t resist and possibly lose the home because they weren’t prepared.

In today’s post I’ll break down five simple tips which will insure you don’t lose your Bend Oregon Dream Home regardless if you get into a bidding war for a home or not.

It All Starts With a Solid Home Loan

Your first step with purchasing Bend Oregon Real Estate should be for you to make sure you’ve been pre-qualified for a solid home loan because, this will insure your home loan will not fall through once you submit an offer on a home.

It’s also best to submit your pre-approval letter with your offer on a Bend Oregon Home because; this will give a homeowner confidence that you have solid financing to back up your offer.

Work With the Sellers Timeline

Once you’ve been pre-qualified for a home loan and are ready to purchase a Bend Oregon Ranch, condo, town home or single family home your next step should be to work with a seller and agree to THEIR timeline instead of setting your own timeline.

This step is important because, if you find a great home for sale in Bend, but the owner won’t be ready to move out for a couple of more months, you may still be able to buy the home by agreeing to rent the home back to the owner for a couple of months until they are able to move.

Do Your Due Diligence Before Buying A Bend Oregon Home

Buying a home in Bend is exciting because, you will be one step closer to leaving your Bend Oregon Rental and owning a home but before you can close the deal you must make sure you do your due diligence when buying a home.

Some of the things you must do before the deal can close includes:

  • Hiring a Bend Oregon building inspector
  • Contacting a home assessor

Be Ready To Sell Yourself

If you ask any Bend Oregon local they will tell you that they hate the idea of selling but this is an essential part of buying a home because, if you want your offer accepted you must sell yourself to the owner and tell them how much you love their home.

You have to be ready to do this regardless if you plan on flipping the home or renting it out because, many times a Bend Oregon Homeowner will go with a buyer that they like vs. a buyer with great financing so it does pay to sell yourself to the owner including writing them a personalized letter too.

Don’t Insult Their House!

Last of all, but most important, when buying a Bend Oregon House for sale make sure you don’t make the mistake of insulting the house.

This step is important because the home you want to purchase has been lived in and loved for years so you don’t want to insult the owners decorating or personal tastes by talking about your plans for renovating or demolishing parts of the home before you move in there.


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