Should you stage vacant rooms in your home including dining rooms? The answer to this question is yes and the reason why all rooms in your home should be staged before you list your home is because, in the Internet Age that we live in, people will go online first to view a home and a well-staged home can help inspire a potential home buyer to see themselves living in your home if they were to purchase it.

Don’t Have The Right Furniture? No Problem!

If you’re looking around your home and don’t like the prospect of including your furniture in pictures of your home you should consider renting furniture because, modern furniture that’s clean and has fine lines will help a home to look newer and more appealing compared to older furniture that’s staged in an older home.

Besides renting furniture you should also rent artwork and accessories to hang on your walls as well because, wall hangings and accessories are two things that can help any home buyer envision what your home might look like once they make their stamp on it.

A Must See Home

Renting furniture for staging your home is an important part of selling a home and something that will make any home buyer put your home on their list of “must see” homes and not pass up your home for other Bend Oregon homes for sale.

When renting and staging furniture it’s important to remember that less is more because, more space will help a home to seem bigger, more spacious, and also help the home buyer to feel like they are getting more value for their money.

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