Bend Oregon Home For Sale

By Jason Boone


Buying a home in Bend Oregon or anywhere else in the United State is an exciting part of life and I’ve found most home buyers to have common questions or concerns.


In this post I will answer common home buyer questions so you can know what to expect if you plan on buying Real Estate in Bend or elsewhere in the coming months.


Question 1 –How Much Home Can I Really Afford?


Answer – When determining how much of a mortgage payment you can really afford it’s important to review your current debt to income ratio.


Most lenders won’t want you to have a debt-to-income ratio of no more than 40% since more debt means you will have a harder time paying your mortgage every month.


Question 2 – What Should I Offer On A Home?


Answer – Although it might seem like a good idea to submit a low ball offer you should take into consideration many factors before submitting an offer on a home including:


  • Area home values.
  • What homes sold recently in the same neighborhood, and for how much.
  • Your overall desire to buy the home.


Question 3 – Can I Really Win If There Are Multiple Offers On A Home?


Answer – Yes, you can win a home even if there are multiple offers on the table.


Your best approach is to write a letter to the owner so they can see you as a “real person” and not just a random home buyer.


It’s also a good idea to drop some of your inspection contingencies when buying a home so it makes the sellers job of moving on from their home easier.


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