four water wise plants

By Jason Boone

BEND – With a few more months of summer left many people who own Bend Oregon homes are keeping any eye on the news wondering if water rationing will begin in Oregon like it has in California.

With little to no water to keep our landscapes green we can either accept the fate of a dusty landscape or search for ways to keep our landscapes green by planting plants that are drought tolerant so our homes can also retain their curb appeal

Blazing Star

Blazing Star, also known as Liatris, is a classic example of the perfect wildflower that can be found in the hills and prairies of Central Oregon.

What’s great about this wild flower is that both hummingbirds and butterflies love it plus the blooming season for blazing star can last for 6 weeks.

Redhot Poker

This plant would fit perfectly in your Central Oregon garden because, it thrives in environments where there is little to no water because, the Redhot Poker plant was originally started in South Africa and imported to the United States.


In desert landscapes you just can’t beat Yucca plants because they require almost no water at all, stay green year long and produce beautiful white flowers.

Purple Cornflower

If you’ve spent anytime exploring the hills and valleys of Central Oregon you might have come across the Purple Cornflower.

This plant originally comes from Colorado and is the perfect addition to any drought tolerant garden because, it will add a splash of color and requires little to no water.

Drought Tolerant Grass

Last of all, but most important, almost every homeowner wants to have some type of lawn for their Bend Oregon home regardless if there is water rationing or not so here’s 3 types of grass that you should consider seeding your lawn with.

Zoysia Grass – Super drought tolerant and excellent for lawns that are high traffic.

Bermuda Grass – Very tough grass, can easily withstand the harshest of environments and thrive with little to no water.

Buffalo Grass– Loves multi climates including cold weather and needs very little water to thrive.

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