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More American’s Are Getting Mortgages In Spite Of Stricter Regulations

BEND – Thanks to a recent Fannie Mae Survey we know that more American’s than ever before are feeling optimistic about getting mortgage loans and that’s good news considering the fact that with more rules and regulations in the mortgage industry it’s been difficult for home buyers to get mortgage loans but not impossible.

Impressive Statistics

Breaking down the Fannie Mae survey we know that 52 percent of the 1,000 consumers that were surveyed said that they believed it was going to be easy for them to get a mortgage loan while just 45 percent said that they believed getting a mortgage loan was going to be difficult.

The good thing about the Fannie Mae mortgage loan survey is that it’s the first time that the survey results have passed 50 percent for optimism when it comes to getting a mortgage loan and that’s good news since home buyers haven’t always been optimistic over the last five years after the crash of the housing market.

Right Time to Buy?

More consumers feel that that they have a variety of credit options available to them and Doug Duncan, the chief economist with Fannie Mae agrees when he said in a recent interview: “The gradual upward trend in this indicator during the last few months bodes well for the housing recovery and may be contributing to this month’s increase in consumers’ intention to buy rather than rent their next home”.

What’s your plan for the 2014? Are you going to continue renting or do you plan on buying a home in Bend Oregon?

If you’re like the 48 percent of people surveyed by Fannie Mae you feel too that rents for apartments, homes, condo’s and town homes in Bend are only going to continue rising which will make buying a home the most viable option since you truly get so much more for your money when you buy a home versus rent one.

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