ductwork bend oregon

Are you searching for a Bend Oregon Home for sale right now? If so, congratulations!

Buying a home is one of the most exciting things that you will ever do but before you purchase just any home you should make sure that the home you want to purchase has energy efficient ductwork.

Why Is Ductwork Important?

Ductwork is something that you will never see in a home unless you take a trip to the homes attic or basement because, ductwork is often hidden and it can also be responsible for costing you a lot of money because, poor duct work can lose up to 20% of the air that flows from your heating and air conditioning system, due to cracks or tears in the ductwork, ultimately costing you hundreds of dollars more per year in energy costs.

Especially Important With Older Homes

If you’re planning on purchasing an older Bend Oregon Home it’s especially important to inspect the homes ductwork because, that ductwork can be responsible for losing up to 40% of the heated or conditioned air that comes from the home’s HVAC system and what’s even worse is that poor ductwork can also be responsible for releasing more mold and dust spores into the air of the home since an HVAC system can actually suck mold and dust into the ductwork through cracks.

Hire a Qualified Home Inspector

Before purchasing a home you should always hire a home inspector to do a complete inspection of the home including the ductwork to make sure that’s the ductwork and HVAC system are running efficiently because if the entire system isn’t running efficiently the home inspector will let you know specifically what needs to be fixed and how much the repairs will cost just so you can be prepared for those expenses before you purchase the home.

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