kayak-686221_1920By Jason Boone

As just about any longtime resident will tell you, living in Bend can seem like a dream. We are lucky to live in a beautiful place that puts just about any adventure sport within minutes of any Bend front door. It’s a wonder the area managed to stay a secret for so long.

Well, the secret is out, placing Bend among the fastest-growing cities in America.

If you are relocating here, there is a good chance you too have fallen in love with the idea of living in one of the country’s great outdoor meccas. Fair enough. Get used to the sight of mountain bikes attached to dusty Subarus, kayaks firmly strapped to the roof of SUVs, or trunks jammed pack with the latest golf equipment.

Which brings me to another thought. Buying a home in Bend might be a bit different than wherever you are moving from. Central Oregon as a famously laid-back lifestyle and a climate that one must prepare for, particularly those moving from warmer areas.

Yes, in Bend we can all could use a well-placed closet to store extra bath towels. But other things may take precedence.

Fear not, though. I moved here from Seattle in 2003, so I know well the quarks that make Bend such a wonderful place. Here is what I have learned:

  1. Think about storage space in a different way. Those kayaks, snowboards, bikes and fishing rods have to go somewhere. You might want to plan for your garage to look like the inside of an REI. It is inevitable.
  2. If you come from a warm climate, be aware that the direction your home faces matters in Bend. If you buy a north-facing home you might want to invest in a good snow shovel.
  3. That huge side yard you see on so many homes here? They tend to be pretty desirable, especially if you have a dog or an RV. Live here long enough and there is a good chance you will eventually own one or both.
  4. With more than two dozen breweries in Central Oregon the odds are you are within walking distance to one. The better question when buying a home: Just how many breweries do you want to live near.
  5. Digging in a Bend backyard is not for the faint of heart. Lava rock is everywhere, and it can throw a wrench into that sprinkler plan of yours.
  6. The biggest difference between living on the westside and eastside of Bend is really just how far you are willing to live from the top outdoor spots. Don’t worry though, on a clear day Mount Bachelor is still just a 30-minute drive from the eastside.

Finding an agent who can help match the perfect Bend home with your lifestyle is valuable, especially for newcomers. I can help.

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