Bend Oregon Real Estate

By Jason Boone

As a home buyer one of the best things you can do is buy Bend Oregon Real Estate that’s located near one of Bend’s best schools.

Schools matter when buying a home because of the following:

Long Term Investment

It doesn’t matter if you are single right now, or you and your spouse / partner aren’t thinking about having children for the near future, buying a home near a great school is a perfect long term investment because you won’t have to sell your home in the future to buy another home which is near a great school. 

Huge Demand

Buyers are always willing to pay more to own a home which is near a great school.

Thanks to the Internet, today’s home buyers are able to research the test scores and ratings for a school online before they make the decision to purchase a home.

One good example of this is a 2007 San Francisco Chronicle article which found that buyers were willing to pay more for a home which was close to a school with great test scores in spite of the declining Real Estate Market.

Resale Value

You will be able to resell your home for a great price in the future since there will be buyers who are searching for homes near a great school just like you once did.

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