Bend Oregon News

By Jason Boone

This week one of the most important pieces of Bend Oregon News that’s being talked about across town is the news that the Oregon Department of Forestry has indicated that they plan on tightening their fire restrictions across Central Oregon starting this Friday 6/19/2015 thanks to danger from wildfires.

What Are The New Restrictions?

If you plan on using public or private land in Bend or across Central Oregon this summer here are the fire restrictions you must be ready for:

  1. Smoking is 100% prohibited unless you are traveling, in your vehicle or are smoking on an improved road.
  2. You are not allowed to have an open fire including a camp fire, charcoal fire, cooking fire or any type of warming fire unless you are in a designated area.
  3. Do not use a chainsaw between the hours of 1:00 pm and 8:00 pm daily. If you use a chainsaw after these hours you must have your own firefighting equipment available.
  4. Use of any type of motor vehicle including ATV’s or motorcycles is prohibited unless you are using them on what can be considered to be an improved road. This rule also applied to land owners and or their employees who may be working for them on their properties.
  5. Fireworks and or sky lanterns are banned as well in non-developed areas. This may be Bend Oregon News you don’t want to hear but fireworks can easily start wildfires during dry times of the year.

These restrictions apply to all of Deschutes County as well as Crook and the Jefferson County area.

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