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Is it a smart move to buy a new construction Bend home? The answer to this question is yes of course because, buying a new construction home offers the home buyer many more options for designing the home that they really want and it eliminates the need for the home buyer in Bend to do any renovation once they move in since the home will have been designed to their specifications.

Discuss Price First

When purchasing a new construction home #inBend, it’s important for the buyer to sit down with the builder or sales agent to discuss the exact features that they want for the home like: design, floor plan, fixtures and flooring then once these features have been agreed on the buyer will be presented with what they can expect the home to cost.

Moving Beyond Sticker Shock

Getting price out of the way first will eliminate “sticker shock” and ensure that both the buyer and builder are on the same page when it concerns what the buyer wants for the home but, it’s also important for the buyer to remember that if they want changes made to the homes design during the new construction building process those changes can affect the price of the home too.

Many Great New Homes in Bend

Thanks to the boom of the Real Estate market in Bend, low mortgage interest rates and the improving economy, home builders in the area have been busier than they’ve been in the last five years and now is the perfect time for any home buyer, who wants a new construction home to get the home of their dreams.

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