Are you still sitting on the fence, waiting to buy a Bend Oregon home?

There’s no denying that mortgage interest rates have been historically low for the last year, and that they have been going up recently, but the question to ask is how much money would you have saved if you had bought a house last year compared to this year?

Money You Could Have Saved

If you had bought a $200,000 Bend Oregon home last year, with a 3.5% mortgage interest rate, your monthly mortgage payment (payment and interest) would have been $898.09 per month.

Fast forward to this year and a similar Bend Oregon house that’s valued at $200,000, with a 4.5% mortgage interest rate, your mortgage payment (payment and interest) will be $1,114.71 per month.

By taking action last year, and buying a home, you could have saved $216.62 per month and that money could have been applied to paying off your mortgage early, retirement or your vacation fund.

Still Going To Wait To Buy A Home?

Bend Oregon home values are one going up and mortgage interest rates are continuing to climb as well because, this is what typically happens during a strong economy. but the question is should you wait to buy a Bend Oregon House or buy now?

The answer to this question is to buy now, because, economists and top Realtors predict that the Real Estate market across the United States is only expected to continue growing well into 2014 and beyond.

Know The Home That You’re Looking For

Before contacting a Bend Oregon Realtor to help you find your dream home it’s important to sit down and write out your list of have’s and have not’s for the home that you want to buy because, you may find a great home with excellent “bones” but, if you don’t know what, you want or what to look for, you may miss out on some great homes and your home search will last longer than expected.

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