Even though home values in Bend have increased by close to 20% in the last year alone, when it comes time for you to sell your home there still are important things for you to do, and not do, to avoid having your home passed up by many people who are eager to buy a home in Bend.

In this post we’re going to cover the things that you don’t want to do when selling your Bend home just so you can have confidence that your home will be in the best condition possible and be appealing to many potential buyers.

Don’t Leave Your Yard As Is

Since a typical Real Estate transaction can be up to $500,000, or more, it’s critical that you do everything you can to get your home ready for sale and that includes spending time in your yard doing a property clean up then planting new flowers near your front door.

A well-maintained yard with new flowers or landscaping will paint the right picture in the mind of the buyer and help them to feel that you’ve lovingly maintained your home over the years even before they open the front door.

Don’t Leave Those Smells 

If you have pets, especially litter boxes, don’t hesitate to empty those litter boxes, even removing them from the home completely before open house because, litter boxes often retain smells and if a potential buyer sees them when touring your home they might begin to wonder if you’ve let your furry friends run wild in your home over the years, regardless if you’ve trained your pets well or not.

Your job as the homeowner is to remove as many objections as possible so that a buyer can’t think of reasons for why they won’t want to make an offer on your home.

Don’t Leave Those Walls Colorful

What is your favorite color? You may have painted one of more walls in your home that color but for a homebuyer, those colors will create a distraction and get them thinking about the work that needs to be done to renovate your home so, before listing your home you should paint the walls in your home neutral colors because, this will make your home a “blank canvas” for the buyer and help them to see themselves living in your home.

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