One of the best pieces of Bend Oregon Business News this week is that the city is going to organize our business clusters in town thanks to a $50,000 grant which will pay a full time administrator to keep these vital organizations alive.

What Are Business Clusters?

Like many people you may be wondering what exactly is a business cluster?

A business cluster is a group of businesses which decide to set up shop in the same area and in Bend we have quite a few business clusters in industries like: brewing, food processing, outdoor equipment and recreation.

Market Advantage

Besides having a market advantage for choosing Bend, another major advantage that a company will have when they choose our city is that the best talent typically will choose Bend first versus other cities in the United States thanks to the wide variety of outdoor recreation and quality of life that Bend offers.

Entrepreneurial “Ecosystem”

Another benefit which comes from doing business in Bend is that our city also has a great entrepreneurial “ecosystem” which many entrepreneurs and companies choose because they know that there is great opportunity here for partnerships and support from their peers.

One example of this is Tech Alliance, a local organization which has 500 members, including some of the best minds who relocated from other tech hubs in the United States like San Francisco and Boulder.

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