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Selling your home? Setting the right price is easy if you follow this strategy.

Learn How to Set the Right Asking Price Regardless Of Market Conditions

By Jason Boone

As a long time Bend Oregon Realtor one of the biggest problems I’ve seen occur over the years is sellers listing their homes too low.

The result of a low listing price is you will ultimately leave money on the table once your home is sold but you don’t want to overprice your home either because, you will end up pricing yourself right out of the Real Estate market.

What’s the solution to the problem?

How do you come up with the right price which will be perfect for home buyers in the Real Estate market so you can sell your home and walk away without feeling seller’s remorse because you might have left money on the table?

Tip 1 – It All Starts With Your Realtor

When you work with a Realtor we will do many things to help your home sell for the right price including doing a comparable analysis of other homes which have recently sold in the neighborhood so you know exactly what price you should list your home at.

Tip 2 – Trust Your Realtor’s Instincts

After your Realtor has presented you with the listing price for your home it’s important to trust your Realtor’s instincts because, you may end up going online to search for home prices in your neighborhood and see prices which are far different than what your Realtor wants to list your home for.

If this situation occurs it’s important to know that one of the reasons why you’re seeing different home prices online is because many times data which is reported online is not as accurate as the MLS data your realtor has access to.

Tip 3 – Understand What Influences Prices

Another important thing to know when you’re working with your Realtor is that one of the best things you can do as a seller is to take the time to really understand what influences home prices.

Even though you may think your home is exactly the same as another home for sale on the same block it’s actually different due to upgrades, unique features and renovations which the home may have had over the years.

Tip 4 – Start A Bidding War

Once you understand the basics behind pricing a home for sale you can start a bidding war for your home by staging your home to sell and making sure that your Bend Oregon Realtor is aware of all of the key selling points which your home has to offer.

Tip 5 – Remove the Emotional Attachment

Last of all, but most important, you can successfully price your home and sell it once you remove the emotional attachment which you have formed with your home over the years.

This is done by taking down family pictures, artwork and the many other personal marks you may have added to your home since you’ve lived there because once this is done your home will become a “product” which has to be sold rather than a part of your family you can’t bear to part with.


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