Home Buyers

By Jason Boone

Are you planning on buying a Bend Oregon Home this year?

Before searching for homes online make sure you avoid making these 3 costly mistakes which most home buyers make.

Mistake 1 – Moving Fast

Before setting out to search for homes make sure you avoid moving fast by doing your homeowner on homes for sale in Bend.

Don’t submit an offer on the first home that you see, take the time to review as many homes as possible to find the right one.

Also, if your first offer isn’t accepted, don’t be afraid to walk away and submit an offer on another home.

Mistake 2 – Forgetting About the Budget

You might have fallen in love with one Bend Oregon Home but will that home fit within your budget?

Take the time to confirm that you will be able to cover all of the additional home ownership expenses like paying closing costs since it’s very easy to go over budget very quickly when buying a home.

Mistake 3 – Ignoring Your Credit Score

When was the last time you pulled your credit report to view your credit score?

If the answer is never, take the time to review your credit score to make sure you have a high credit score and most important of all, a credit report that’s free of negative information.

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