mortgage interest ratesBy Jason Boone

What was already an impressive year in 2015 ended on a particular high note in December. In fact, an almost shocking number of homes were sold during the last month of 2015, pushing the year into record-breaking territory.

How good of a month was it?

Through the month of December 214 homes were sold, significantly more than the 141 homes that sold in November and the 169 homes that sold in December 2014, according to data recently compiled by the Skjersaa Group. The December pace was closer to the busy months surrounding summer (from May through September monthly sales landed between 225 homes to 259 months) than a typical winter month.

The strong December might actually portend to another big year in 2016, even if there are hunches the end of the year might bring a moderation of the market.

One key piece of data from the report is that the year ended with just 3.1 months of inventory, which is well down from the 5.2 months that were live in November. The tally is the lowest since just 2.4 months of inventory sat on the market in June 2015 and more than a full month less of inventory than in December 2014.

The median price, the midpoint in which half the homes in Bend sold for more and half for less, was $325,275 in December. That is up from $321,275 in November and $290,000 in December 2014. And the sales price of each home was on average 99 percent of listing price, suggesting pricing power for sellers.

Some of the December spike might be explained by the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike interests rates, which may have pushed some potential buyers off the fence. The rental market remains tight. And Bend remains a desirable choice for relocation, making it among the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the nation.

Regardless of the explanation, it appears that Bend’s real estate market remains strong as we begin 2016.

Some more interesting year-end data from the Skjersaa Group report:

  • In 2015, there were 2,370 homes sold in Bend, the most since at least 2006. To compare, 2,145 homes sold in 2014 and 2,171 sold in 2013.
  • The annual median price was $327,500. That is up from $290,000 in 2014.
  • The average days on market in 2015 was 122 days, which is down from 130 days in 2014 and 127 days in 2013.
  • The average inventory was just three months in 2015, which is down significantly from five months in 2014 and four months in 2013. In fact, only twice (February and November) did the monthly inventory rise above four months.
  • In all, an average of 198 homes sold per month in Bend, which is up from 179 homes a month in 2014 and 151 in 2013.

Knowing how the data applies to each buyer or seller takes expertise. I can help navigate the market and find the perfect Bend, Oregon home.

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