Mirror Pond Dam

By Jason Boone

Thanks to a recent article by the Bend Bulletin we know that Bend’s Mirror Pond Dam might soon be replaced.

Tonight the City Council will hear a proposal to either rehabilitate, or completed replace, Mirror Pond Dam with a brand new structure which will continue to provide safe passage for both fish and kayakers downstream.

Mirror Pond Dam has been in the news a lot over the last 12 months due to leaks and problems with its aging infrastructure which has caused many people to wonder if the time has finally come to completely repair or replace this iconic part of Bend Oregon.

Expensive Project

In order for any work to begin on Mirror Pond Dam, PacificCorp has to transfer ownership of the dam to the city or an independent organization which would decide its fate.

Mirror Pond Dams Fate

It’s likely that the dam and powerhouse will be preserved for public use since both have been a part of Bend for the last 100 years but the main benefit of doing something about the dam now means that the bottom of Mirror Pond will finally be able to be dredged to increase the speed of water flow and reduce sediment build up.

Benefits to Local Community

There’s no denying that the revitalization of Mirror Pond Dam has been a long time coming and we should see many other benefits from this project including the redevelopment of properties which are adjacent to the dam as well.

What are your thoughts on Mirror Pond Dam?

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