Spring Time Bend Oregon

Spring is officially here for Bend Oregon Homeowners but one common mistake that they will make is not getting their homes ready for spring and they will many times be met with costly repairs because of their lack of preparation.

In today’s post we are going to cover the top things all Bend Oregon Homeowners can do to get your home ready for spring so you can embrace the warmer months ahead.

What Should Bend Oregon Homeowners Do First?

The first thing Bend Oregon Homeowners should do when getting their home ready for spring is to check their homes outdoor plumbing by doing this:

• Replace old hoses
• Check and replace broken sprinkler heads
• Test sprinkler system and look for obvious signs of damaged pipes
• Check drip irrigation systems and make sure they are fully functional
After the outdoor plumbing to the home is checked homeowners should check the indoor plumbing by verifying that their water heater isn’t leaking and that the home doesn’t have any leaking pipes as well.

What to Check inside Your home

Stepping inside the home the first things that all Bend Oregon Homeowners should check are their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as well because, these detectors can save lives and it’s worth spending $10 on batteries to make sure they are functioning right in the event you really need them.

Exterior Checklist

Last of all, but most important, Bend Oregon homeowners should not forget to check the important exterior features of their homes like their gutters to make sure they are free of debris, air conditioning system to make sure it’s functioning at 100% capacity and any wood fences or wood piles to insure that they are free of termites or pests that come out in the spring.

To learn more tips that Bend Oregon homeowners should follow to get ready for spring contact me today by calling (541) 383-1426.

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