Thanks to recent statistics that were released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) we know that 64% of homeowners, who recently sold their homes, hired their Realtors after they only interviewed them just one time, but what’s revealing about this statistic is that 40% of these homeowners failed to sell their homes.

What is the difference between success and failure when it comes to hiring a qualified Bend Oregon Realtor to sell a home?? It all boils down to the questions that you ask a Realtor during the interview process, including these three important questions.

Do You Have a Counter Offer Strategy That’s Not Going to Chase Away Buyers?

Hiring a Bend Oregon Realtor who is experienced at contract negotiation is a critical part of selling a home in Bend or anywhere else in the United States because, an inexperienced listing agent could easily chase the buyer away from a home and leave the seller hopeful that more buyers will come to place offers on their home.

How Can You Make Sure That a Buyer Is Qualified to Buy My home?

The sad reality when it comes to selling homes is that some buyers are not qualified to submit offers on homes for sale in Bend or anywhere else in the United States.

A recent statistic from the Tallahassee MLS showed that just 36% of pending contracts closed last year in Tallahassee. This means that most buyers were never qualified to submit offers on homes to begin with and some sellers who moved out of their homes woke up to the reality that they may have had two mortgage payments to pay.

Is Real Estate Your Only Business?

Before hiring a Realtor it’s important to ask them if Real Estate is their only business and if so how long have they been working in Real Estate.

An experienced Realtor won’t hesitate to talk about their industry experience and provide sellers with references to their satisfied clients.

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