You wouldn’t go to someone billing himself as a dentist unless you saw the DDS after the name. The same holds for surgeons, optometrists, lawyers and the like.

In real estate, the letters that come after a Realtor’s name are important, just as in other professions.

In addition to meeting the requirements for becoming a Realtor, I have earned designations and certifications that indicate specialized training and qualifications.

My professional “signature,” so to speak, reads as follows:
Jason Boone – Principal Broker, CRIS, RENE, SRS

CRIS stands for Certified Residential Investment Specialist. This training has essentially taught me how to utilize metrics and analysis commonly used in commercial real estate and apply the methodology to evaluate the performance of income/investment residential real estate. Obtaining this designation requires about 30 hours of training. As one source of training for this designation puts it, upon completion of the training, “Brokers will now be able to give sound investment advice that will serve their clients’ financial needs.”

RENE stands for Real Estate Negotiation Expert. As the name indicates, it relates to negotiation skills and advocating for clients. A real estate transaction often is fraught with emotions and energy. Having invested more than 12 hours of training to earn this certification, I have learned how to engage with diverse personalities and to sort out the objectives of all parties involved in a real estate deal.

SRS stands for Seller Representative Specialist. The National Association of Realtors calls this designation “the premier credential in seller representation.” Part of the training relates to understanding and adhering to ethical and legal standards. I’ve also learned, through more than 12 hours of training, how to provide support and services of specific need to sellers.

Just as with a dentist, surgeon, lawyer, optometrist or any other certified professional, the letters that come after my name don’t define me or how I can help you. There is no set of letters that adequately portrays my experience, my ethics and my concern for my clients. Whether you’re considering selling your home or if you’re in the market to buy, I am confident that my training – partly reflected in those letters after my name – and my knowledge will deliver a real estate transaction that exceeds your expectations. Please contact me at (541) 383-1426 or visit Bend Property Search to connect with me through my website.