bend oregon lawn

If you ask any Bend Oregon homeowner they’ll tell you that they love their lawn and enjoy having a grassy area in their front yard, backyard or both but, in Central Oregon we been experiencing a drought recently and have gotten less rain this year than in previous years and, many homeowners in Bend and across Central Oregon are contemplating the relevance of keeping their lawns when this area is in a drought and the water that’s being used to water lawns could be used elsewhere.

The Case For Lawns

Having a lawn is still one of the top things that home buyers in Bend want and, if a home doesn’t have a lawn, they will most likely install one after they move in.

With a lawn, a homeowner can have more recreational space, especially outdoor space that they can use to set up lounge chairs, swimming pools or toys for use during the winter, spring or summer months rather than staying indoors all the time.

A well-manicured and beautiful lawn can also increase the value of a home since curb appeal is one of the top things, besides improving kitchens and bathrooms that can increase a home’s value.

The Case Against Lawns

One of the top reasons to consider getting rid of a lawn, besides the obvious amount of water that it takes to keep the lawn hydrated per year, is price; it costs between $500-$700 per year to pay a qualified and licensed gardener or landscaping company.

If a homeowner were to eliminate their lawn, they could save that money and put it towards making home improvements or paying down their homes mortgage sooner.

More reasons to consider getting rid of lawns are: noise pollution from lawn mowers and weed eaters, contamination from fertilizers and potential damage to the environment from not having trees planted which could help the environment.

Do you think it’s time to get rid of lawns? Feel free to leave me a comment below or if you’re interested in viewing the latest Bend Oregon homes for sale, call me today at (541) 383-1426.