real-estate-agent-28776_1280By Jason Boone

During the heady days of the real estate boom, it was not uncommon for home sellers to enlist the help of discount real estate brokers. Back then sellers had all the leverage amid the frenzy, tempting many to look for ways to save on commission.

Then the real estate market began to tank in 2007, and many of the discount brokers struggled (as did plenty of traditional Realtors).

We are in the midst of change again, of course. The Bend real estate market has regained its value, with a median home price in December that hit $325,275. And like the housing market, the discount brokers are back.

Promises of flat-fee or discounted rates can be tempting, even if it means in many cases that the seller will have to do much of the work showing and marketing the home. After all, we all want to get the best deal possible on what is for most of us the most important financial decision we make. And for some, discount brokers can be effective.

For many a full-service agent — one who will put together a marketing plan, show the home in person and aid a seller all the way until the last document is signed, in addition to listing the home on the MLS — can provide an exceptional benefit in what is an increasingly complicated and stressful transaction.

Recently revamped disclosure forms — the new TILARESPA Integrated Disclosure, or TRID — have added a layer of complexity to the closing process. And arranging inspections, managing escrow deposits, sorting through fair housing laws and more can be intimidating for sellers who usually only involve themselves in a few real estate transactions in a lifetime. Expertise is the home-selling process has value, and we often get what we pay for.

Like any important business partnership, every party should be well-versed in what is being offered. With a full-service broker a seller should expect:

  • To have the home listed on the multiple listing service, which is the database for most of the homes for sale in Central Oregon.
  • A full-scale marketing plan that will help a home move. This should go far beyond the MLS listing and a few flyers.
  • The agent conduct showings and open houses in person. This an important part of the marketing plan.
  • Step-by-step help with the documentation process. It’s true that homebuyers must shuffle through the most paperwork. But sellers have plenty to sort through, too, and expertise can prevent any costly mistakes.

Do not be afraid to talk to multiple agents and ask tough questions to be sure you find the agent who will do the best job for you.

Expertise is a commodity that can help both sellers and buyers achieve the greatest deal. I can help navigate the market.

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