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Buying a Bend Oregon home is an exciting time, especially for anyone who has been renting for a while, saving their down payment, and is ready to take action.

Before going to the bank for a mortgage loan there are steps that every Bend Oregon home buyer must follow to make sure that they get pre-approved for a mortgage and are able to buy the home that they deserve.

Take a Look at the Budget

The first step for any prospective home buyer is for them to take a serious look at their budget and determine how much they can realistically afford to pay for a mortgage every month because, many home buyers have made the mistake over the last 10 years of taking on more home than they could really afford and they ultimately ended up with an underwater mortgage and eventually a foreclosure or short sale.

Contact a Mortgage Broker

After a prospective home buyer checks out their budget the next step is for them to contact a mortgage broker so they can find out which mortgage loans are available to them.

Home buyers should ask their mortgage broker these questions:

  • How much do I need to spend for a down payment?
  • What will my mortgage interest rate be?
  • How much money can I expect to pay for closing costs?
  • Can I get the seller to pay most of my closing costs?

Don’t Be Afraid To Shop Around For a Great Mortgage Interest Rate

In today’s world not every homebuyer is going to have “perfect” credit and will qualify for a mortgage loan with a great interest rate but thanks to the Internet every home buyer has the ability to shop around until they find a great mortgage to buy the home of their dreams.

To learn more about how to get a mortgage loan for a Bend Oregon home or to view the latest Bend Oregon homes for sale, contact me today by calling: (541) 383-1426.