With rents on the rise in Bend, and across the United States, more renters are starting to turn their attention to buying homes for the first time and are even going as far as saying that home ownership can now be classified as one of their highest priorities for 2013.

 This recent statistic is thanks in part to a recent survey from the National Association of Realtor’s (NAR), and it’s good news for the nationwide Real Estate market because, it also shows that home ownership is coming back in force after many people have been sitting on the sidelines for years, after the recent Real Estate crash.

Renting vs. Ownership

With rents going up across Bend, and the United States, more people are starting to see that home ownership makes better fiscal sense, in some cases, than it does to rent; this is thanks in large part to the fact that homes are still affordably priced and mortgage interest rates are still historically low as well.

Still Part of the American Dream

The recent National Association of Realtor’s study also showed that people who are thinking of moving from just renting, to home ownership, also view home ownership as part of the American Dream and also a “good financial decision” for their futures.

Another encouraging statistic from the National Association of Realtor’s study also shows that just 48 percent of people surveyed viewed the economy as a problem thanks to unemployment and layoffs compared to 61 percent of people surveyed in 2011 who viewed the economy as seriously needing help.

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