Bend Oregon Home

By Jason Boone

One common question I’ve been asked from my clients over the years is: “should I fix my Bend Oregon home before selling it?” and the answer to this question is yes.

Return on Investment

Let’s say you have to paint the inside of your Bend Oregon Home, and replace the carpeting.

Making those renovations to your home now may cost you up to $6,000, but the investment will be worth it.

With a hot Real Estate market you can expect to receive a return on your investment of up to 100% once you sell your home.

Besides carpeting and painting, investing money in renovating your kitchens and bathrooms will also help you to get the most money from selling your home.

Your Home = Your Product

When selling your home you should specifically have the goal to sell the best possible “product” that you can.

Making those repairs and improvements to you home now will help you to avoid making excuses and explanations to buyers later about areas of your home which need to be repaired.

By improving your home now you will also be helping me sell your home for the most money and avoid having to deal with buyers who will ask for credits since there’s work which needs to be done on your home.

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