northwest crossing

If you’ve been to Northwest Crossing in Bend lately you will notice that the area is booming with new home construction; this is thanks in large part to the huge demand for homes in the area which has brought Northwest Crossing and other communities back to life after the decline of the Real Estate market and economic recession just a few years ago.

The Wild Wild West?

For home buyers in Bend, the activity at Northwest Crossing won’t be alarming since homes in this Bend Oregon community are bought almost as quickly as they are listed on the market.

Buyers love Northwest Crossing because, it’s so close to everything including schools, parks, shops and all of the benefits that Bend Oregon has to offer.

Builders at Northwest Crossing recently built two new roads which opened up this Bend Oregon community even more, especially to it’s Newport Hills Subdivision. More Bend Oregon residents and Central Oregon home buyers will be sure to turn their attention here as there seems to be new construction everywhere, and the cool thing is that there are plenty of homes here that haven’t been listed on the market yet.

Get In Now

Any Bend Oregon home buyer who wants to own a home at Northwest Crossing had better move fast because, there are fewer than 20 newly built homes for sale at this new home community; prices range from $400,000 to $800,000.

It’s expected that home builders at Northwest Crossing are going to stay busy through 2013 and beyond because, as long as there is a huge demand for homes in Bend, builders will keep busy and records will continue to be broken as the average newly constructed home here is getting purchased faster than ever before, even in the construction stage, as home buyers these days want more control over the interior and exterior design features of their homes.

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