home staging tips

There’s nothing more exciting than getting ready to sell a Bend Oregon home, especially if a homeowner is planning on moving into a bigger home but, one thing that most homeowners forget to do is stage their home and get it ready for sale.

In this post I will cover the most important tips for home staging and how every homeowner in Bend should work with their Realtor so they can get the most value out of their Relationship with their listing agent.

Home Staging Made Easy

The first key to success with home staging is for every homeowner to take a tour of homes for sale in the area, with their Realtor, before listing their home; this simple step will enable a homeowner in Bend to see the steps that other homeowners have taken to get their homes ready for sale and think of ideas of what changes they need to make to their home before they list it on the Bend Oregon Real Estate market.

Ask For Feedback

After taking a tour of homes for sale in Bend, the next thing a homeowner should do is ask their Realtor for feedback of what changes that they recommend should be made to their Bend Oregon home for sale.

Why is this step important? Many homeowners have dated decorating ideas or tastes that could otherwise turn off many prospective home buyers, that’s why it’s important for a homeowner to ask their Realtor for feedback for changes that should be made to their home, before they decide to start making changes themselves, this step can save a lot of time, money, effort and help to increase the value of any home.

Spend Money to Make Money

Last of all, every Bend Oregon homeowner shouldn’t hesitate to spend money to make money or increase how much more money they can get for their home just by making a few simple choices like: buying nicer furniture to stage the home, sending the pets away for the weekend while there is an open house or having the carpets pulled up to reveal long hidden wooden floors.

All of these examples can inspire multiple home buyers to compete in a bidding war for a home and help the homeowner to walk away with more than their asking price.

To learn more great tips about how homeowners can increase the value of their homes, or to view the latest Bend Oregon homes for sale, contact me today by calling: (541) 383-1426.