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It’s a sellers’ market in the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate market and the cool thing about this is that many homeowners in the area have been able to sell their homes for far over their asking prices.

The key to success with selling a home in Bend, in 2013, and getting above the asking price, is to spend a little time and money on updating the home’s interior so that it will be appealing to more homeowners.

Where To Start

In the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate market home buyers are looking for one thing: open floor plans.

You can easily turn your home into an open floor plan by knocking down a few interior walls so you can see into the living room or dining room from the kitchen.

Home buyers these days, especially mothers, are looking for open floor plans because, they want the ability to see where their children are from anywhere in the house.

Before knocking down one or more interior walls, the homeowner should make sure that they contact a structural engineer to insure that the walls are not load bearing walls because, there’s nothing worse than knocking down a wall only to realize that the wall has to be immediately rebuilt because, the roof or upper floor won’t be supported without it.

Focal Points

With each room of the house it’s important to choose a focal point per room; for example:

  • Living room – Fireplace
  • Kitchen – Island
  • Dining room – Dining room table / chairs
  • Family room – mantle, window or more

The reason why adding a focal point per each room is important is because, focal points are a good place to start decorating around and they are conversation starters as well.

Use Mirrors

Every homeowner who wants to sell their home during the 2013 Bend Oregon Real Estate market shouldn’t hesitate with using mirrors because, the use of mirrors will help to reflect sunlight and make rooms in even the smallest home feel bigger.

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