home buyer tips

Are you planning on buying a home soon? You’re not alone. There are still many people who are planning on buying homes in Bend Oregon, or across the country, and the reality is that with a hot Real Estate market in Bend you may find yourself facing the prospect of having to submit multiple offers on the home that you really want.

If you find yourself in a situation where you might lose your dream home to another buyer who is able to bid more you can use the time tested strategy of writing a letter to the seller.

Why Letters To Homeowners Work

The first reason why writing a letter to a homeowner works is because, a letter will help the Bend Oregon homeowner see you as a real person and not a faceless person who is engaged in a bidding war on their home.

When writing a letter to a homeowner you should first start out by telling them how much you love their home and compliment their decorating decisions while at the same time keeping your letter to them sincere.

Once you’ve complimented them then you should tell a brief story about who you are and why you feel that their home would be perfect for you. During the process of telling your story don’t be afraid to mention what you love about the community like the schools, stores and community events that are held during the year.

It’s Not All about the Money

Most homeowners in Bend, or anywhere else across the country love their homes and moving isn’t an easy decision for them. Your goal when writing a letter to a homeowner is to connect with them emotionally so they will see that you’re going to love the home just as much as they did during the years that they lived there.

Show Your Stability

Last of all, but most important, when closing a letter to a homeowner make sure that you “sell them” on your stability as a home buyer buy citing your long time job that you’ve held, excellent credit history and great relationship with your lender, that will all lead to a smooth Bend home sale if they decide to choose your offer.

Stability is important because, this will also help the homeowner to see that you are someone who can be trusted and enable them to potentially move onto buying another home in Bend without having to face the prospect of making two mortgage payments should the offer on their current home fall through.

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