bend oregon home for sale

During the process of searching for a Bend Oregon Home For Sale in 2013 or 2014 you may ultimately come across a home with a nice deck in the backyard and visions of backyard barbecues and family fun may be filling your head but before you decide to submit an offer on the home with the nice deck, make sure that you hire a home inspector to make sure the deck is structurally sound.

Not Properly Attached To the House

One of the first things that you should look for when inspecting a deck on a Bend Oregon Home for Sale is making sure that the deck is properly attached to the home. Decks should be attached with lag screws, bolts and or SDS screws so, if you come across a deck that’s only been attached with screws or nails you have a problem because, that deck is not structurally sound and should be reinforced properly, or torn down before you purchase the home.

Inspect the Flashing

When inspecting a deck make sure that it has flashing that’s been properly installed to the “ledgerboard”, or the section of wood that attaches the deck to the Bend Oregon Home For Sale.

“What is flashing supposed to do?” Good question! Flashing is supposed to protect the home because; it will keep water from leaking into the deck and ultimately causing wood rot. When choosing ledgerboard or flashing it’s common for owners to choose materials like galvanized steel because, these materials are more durable over the lifetime of the deck.

Joist Hangers

Last of all, but most important, the inspector that you choose to inspect the Bend Oregon Home For Sale’s deck should be paying close attention to the joist hangers because, these metal brackets are responsible for attaching the deck joints to the home.

When inspecting joist hangers make sure that there are not missing nails In the joist hangers or that improper “10″nails were not used for the joist hangers, because, joist hangers that have been put into place with the right nails, not screws can be considered to be the right support for the deck.

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