Mortgage interest rates are still going up in Bend and across the United States but, that hasn’t stopped prospective home buyers from getting pre-qualified for mortgage loans and taking the first steps towards buying a home in Bend or elsewhere in Central Oregon.

One of the most important assets that any homeowner needs when purchasing a home is homeowners insurance, even in Bend, because, accidents or disasters can happen at any time and it’s important for a homeowner to make sure that they have homeowners insurance just so they are protected.

What Exactly Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Homeowners insurance covers a homeowner from damage due to fire or theft but what’s most important to know is that homeowners insurance will cover the homeowner from being held liable if someone is injured in their home.

If a homeowner wants to have insurance protection for damage that their home may incur from fire, flood or earthquakes, they may need to purchase additional forms of insurance protection because homeowners insurance typically only covers damage from fire and also theft.

How Much Homeowners Insurance Do You Need?

When it comes to homeowners insurance, a homeowner can never have enough and it’s important for the homeowner to make sure that they have an insurance policy that will protect their family since an accident in the home or disaster can result in additional costs that can average in the thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending upon the damage to the home and disaster.

When Do You Pay Homeowners Insurance?

A typical homeowners insurance premium costs about $1,000 per year or as low as $800, depending upon the insurance company.

Premiums are usually billed monthly but many insurance companies do offer their clients the ability to pay their homeowners insurance premiums annually if they are interested in paying their premiums up front and saving money.

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