So, you’ve bought a house? Congratulations. Few things in our lives are more momentous.

Before moving into your new home, though, there are some things you might want to consider taking care of. Addressing these items now, before you’re settled, will generally be easier or more beneficial that if you wait to have them done.

1) Cleaning duct work. The duct work in your home is generally out of sight, but don’t let it stay out of mind. Dirt and debris accumulate in your ducting over time and affect the quality of the air you breathe. Even if you’re moving into a new home, there is reason to have your ducts cleaned before moving in. Dust, dirt and construction debris can fall into the ducting of even new homes. When choosing a company to clean your ducts, make sure it operates a truck-mounted system. Anything with less power will likely do no more good than an off-the-shelf shop vacuum.

2) Interior painting. The paint scheme of a house is among those things a buyer can change, unlike its location or the size of its yard. If you’re considering having your interior painted, keep in mind that it’s much more convenient to do it before the house is inhabited. Moving furniture to allow access to walls, and then dancing around that furniture while it’s out of its normal position, can be a headache. An acquaintance of mine said it was much easier putting up with weeks of major renovation in a bathroom than it was to endure the disruptions caused when he had his master bedroom and living room painted.

3) Carpet cleaning. Unless you’re moving into new construction, it’s safe to assume that the carpet in your home has had its share of traffic and its share of stains. Consider who else might have lived in your home — renters, maybe? — and their possible incentive (or lack of it) to keep the carpet in top shape. Particularly if you have children who presumably will play on the carpet, it’s worth considering getting a professional carpet cleaning.

4) Wall and ceiling fixtures. Related to completing any interior painting before moving in is evaluating fixtures such as lights and ceiling fans. If you’re thinking of replacing them, it’s best to do so before you move in — and before you have any interior painting done. It’s hard to determine, when changing fixtures, how much of a wall or the ceiling a new fixture base will obscure. Changing fixtures could uncover a paint scheme that no longer matches the remainder of the room.

5) A whole-house water filter. This is of concern in areas of hard water or questionable water quality. Hard water can stain appliances and your clothes. A build-up of materials can reduce the effectiveness of appliances and shorten their life expectancy. Installing a whole-house water filter before taking up residence in a new home will prevent the hard water from damaging appliances. Having appliances free of scaling stains will be a benefit should you in turn decide to sell your home. Appliances with hard-water build-up can turn off prospective buyers.

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