One of the most common questions that home buyers have when they are planning on buying a Bend Oregon home is what exactly do home inspectors do?

Every Bend Oregon home buyer knows that they must hire a home inspector, to inspect the home that they are planning on buying, but, sadly, the home inspection process has been a mystery until now.

Where The Inspection Process Starts

A typical home inspection starts at the foundation of the home, the inspector will look for damage to the foundation and visible cracks, then he or she will inspect the homes basement to look for water damage, penetration or condensation, especially once the winter months have ended and we’ve had a decent amount of snowfall or rain.

After inspecting the foundation, the Bend Oregon home inspector will turn their attention upward and inspect the roof of the home for damaged shingles or areas of the roof that are in desperate need of repair; after the roof has been checked out the inspector will move back indoors and inspect the homes attic space as well.

Once the roof and attic inspections are finished, the Bend Oregon home inspector will inspect the interior walls and baseboards looking for signs of water damage or mold that can easily grow over time.

Inspecting The “Guts” Of The Home

Like the human body, plumbing and electrical are the “guts” of any home and the most important parts for a home inspector to review/inspect. 

A typical home inspector will inspect all electrical panels to make sure that everything is properly grounded, inspect outlets to make sure they function and are up to code then inspect wiring around the home to make sure that all wiring is grounded properly and safe as well.

Besides wiring, a home inspector will want to make sure that a home has fire/carbon monoxide alarms in every room and plumbing that drains, vents well and connects to an outside sewage system.

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