Buying a Bend Oregon Home for Sale is just the first step to actually moving into your dream home because, you still have to move from your old home into your new home.

Although many people have compared moving to something painful, the reality is that moving doesn’t have to be painful at all if you follow these simple tips.

Start Planning Your Move 8 Weeks Out

Before the moving truck shows up at your home, the first step is for you to get organized and start planning for your move.

Here’s how:

  1. Create a moving notebook that you will use to write down all information regarding your move including: services you need to have turned off or transferred and change of address forms to be filled out.
  2. Start sorting through all of your belongings now and decide on which items you want to keep, donate or discard.
  3. Research Bend Oregon moving companies to find the best company to use for your move.

Getting Things Done

When you are seven weeks out from your move it’s important for you to start buying supplies for your move including: packing materials, tape, moving boxes, bubble wrap and of course tape.

Tip – Search for moving boxes on Craigslist because, many times you can find FREE moving boxes on Craigslist if you search for them during multiple times of day.

Do This When You Are Close To Moving

Once you are at least 6 weeks out from moving you should notify your children’s schools that your family will be moving plus you should also notify your doctors as well if you just purchased a Bend Oregon Home For Sale and are moving from out of state.

View Bend Oregon Homes for Sale

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