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Town Home vs. House – Which one is better?

Learn the Differences between Townhouse and Houses

By Jason Boone


During 2014 the typical Bend Oregon Home Buyer will have the opportunity to choose between buying a townhouse and a home but sadly many home buyers won’t know the real differences between the two.


In today’s post I will break down what you can expect when you buy a home or a townhouse so you can make an informed decision on buying the home which is right for you.




A townhouse is one of the most popular housing choices in Bend and across the United States today because they offer the conveniences of living in a home without the responsibility for keeping up the exterior maintenance which you would have with owning a traditional home.


For example: With a townhouse you will own the actual structure, land and common areas surrounding your townhouse but you won’t have to worry about maintaining those common areas because, you will have to pay a Homeowners Association fee which will go towards maintenance and upkeep of those common areas.


Inside a townhouse you will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep but any maintenance which is done to the exterior structure like roofing or paving of the parking lot will be handled by the HOA and paid from your Homeowners Association dues.




Buying a traditional single family home is one of the most common choices that an average Bend Oregon Home Buyer might want to make in 2014 because, owning an actual home vs. townhouse means you will own the home and land that it sits own.


Owning a home also means you will be responsible for the upkeep of the land and any interior or exterior repairs that may have to be made during the years that you own the home.


One of the major benefits which come with owning a traditional home is that if the home is not currently in a Homeowners Association you will have complete freedom to renovate, remodel and redecorate the interior or exterior of the home as you choose.


Which Option Is Better For The Bend Oregon Home Buyer?


Your decision to buy a home vs. a townhouse all depends on your lifestyle at this point in your life.


If you want the freedom of owning a home without having to be concerned with the care and maintenance of the property that your home sits on then buying a townhouse may be the right option for you.


For the Bend Oregon Home Buyer who wants more freedom of choice concerning their home including decisions they make to renovate or remodel then buying an actual single family home may be the better option.


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