Bend Oregon Home

By Jason Boone

Are you planning on buying a Bend Oregon Home during 2015?

With the weather heating up, and great mortgage interest rates still available, there’s never been a better time than right now to buy a home in Bend.

In today’s article I will cover the 7 things you need to do BEFORE you buy a home in Bend so you will be prepared for the home buying process.

#1 – Decide If Buying a Home Is Right for You

Before saying yes to buying a home in Bend, Redmond, Prineville, Sunriver you must decide if buying a home really is the right decision for you to make because, home ownership does require long term commitment although it is 35% less expensive than it is to rent.

#2 – Understand How the Home Buying Process Works

Learn everything there is to know about the home buying process from start to finish including contracts and negotiation because, the more knowledgeable buyer you are, and the better.

#3 – Know the Benefits vs. Risks of Fixer Uppers

Although a fixer upper Bend Oregon Home might seem like a good investment at first, make sure you understand the benefits and risks of investing in a home that needs work because, it’s easy to invest in a home which needs more work than you can afford.

#4 – Learn More about the Home You Want To Buy

Before saying yes to buying that home in Bend make sure you take the time to learn more about it including if the home is in a safe neighborhood, is priced comparably to other homes which sold recently nearby and if its energy efficient as well.

#5 – Focus On One Thing at a Home First

If you plan on buying Bend Oregon Real Estate but you still have to sell your home first, take the time to sell your home before buying because, it’s difficult to focus on buying on selling and buying at the same time and you want to make sure that you get what your home is really worth.

#6 – Save Money for the Down Payment

Yes, you can buy a home these days by putting down as little as a 3.5 percent down payment (HUD) but the reality is that it’s always better to put down at least 20% (if possible) because this will enable you to have a lower mortgage payment over time as well.

#7 – Work On Your Credit

Your credit score will be the real “key to success” with getting a great mortgage interest rate so BEFORE you apply for a mortgage loan make sure you pull your Experian/Transunion And Equifax credit reports to verify that there isn’t any inaccurate information being reported about you by the major credit bureaus.

Buy a Bend Oregon Home

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